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NAME: Christine Geiger

DISCIPLINE: Road & Adventure


Cycling is as individual as you are. My bikes are an extension of me, in the way I curate them, ride them, and share my stories on them. I wonder if you would be able to tell who I am as a person by looking at my bikes? My favourite bikes at the moment are my wide bar fixed gear, a steel gravel bike, and my trusty Brompton.

I remember cycling to uni on my dutch bike for the first time in London and being overwhelmed with the full sensory experience of cycling, smelling bakeries and spices, feeling the push of a headwind, eyes adjusting to shade under trees, and the sound of the city surrounding you.

There is such a childlike joy for cycling, and I experience it with the same intensity of highs and lows that bond me closer to my bikes and the people I ride with. And even while my bikes got lighter and faster, it’s still the same emotion I feel now. I ride bikes because I love it, not because I have to.

My appreciation extends to the nerdy side of bikes too, hearing how someone has engineered their bike to be more like them. New advances in technology that take us further, faster, more comfortably, or just for the sake of it. I celebrate expressing yourself through cycling, and its incredible intersections with so much of human behaviour. Also, cycling memes.

I’m so pleased to have Altura alongside me for future journeys, we’re a great match, and their gear will be carrying, protecting, and working with me on upcoming adventures, whether it’s post-work burrito transportation in the rain, or long self supported days in the saddle.

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