Keep Your Winter Riding Interesting

We all know that winter can be a hard time to stay motivated and keep riding. You've been riding all summer, so why let winter take away that summer speed. With this in mind we've put together a few tips on how you can mix it up this winter. Keep it interesting and fun, we have the whole summer to get serious. 

1) Mix it up. Try new routes, new challenges, and a new start. Get inspired for pioneering new adventures.




2) Dress correctly. Seems obvious but you can beat the weather with the right clothing. The old adage of “no such thing as bad weather only bad clothing”, even when the wind is howling and rain is pouring, if you are comfortable, then it’s all good.




3) Zwift. Love or hate it, it’s not going anywhere. Zwift adds a social element to indoor riding. Friendly (or not so friendly) competition and a place to meet up on a cold, dark night. It will keep them legs turning even in the worst of weather. Make sure you've got some comfy bib shorts and a wicking baselayer on though!




4) Man or Woman up. It looks worse than it is but having someone to get out with you can often be just the encouragement you need. Sometimes you just need that little push.




5) Have a goal with a racing or a summer sportive to aim for. The incentive of crossing that line can help you get over the worse hump day. Winter miles = summer smiles.

Winter needn't be dark, dreary and miserable. It's the perfect part of the year to kick back a bit and just enjoy riding your bike instead of taking it all too seriously. If you'd like to see more of this style of content from us, then we'd love to hear from you. Drop us a line on our Facebook page or Instagram profile.