Considering Commuting By Bike?


With changing times come changing modes of transport. We know for many Altura riders the bike has until now been primarily for recreation and sport, but we hope some of you may now choose to start commuting by bike. To help you commute safely and comfortably, we've compiled some of our best advice for those new to bicycle commuting. 


On the bike comfort for us is key to ensuring commuting is enjoyable as well as practical. That's why at Altura we design all our commuter kit to be both comfortable and multifunctional. Our All Roads Short have a more casual style, but with performance detailing meaning you can stay supported and look good.  The Nightvision Jersey offers a looser cut, reflective detailing and high breathability so you don't arrive at work too sweaty. 

Most people commuting by bike will need to carry items, whether a change of clothes, your laptop or even to allow you to pick up some essential shopping on the way home. We offer two key styles of luggage, panniers that fit to your bike or on the body bags. 

Our Grid Luggage collection includes the Grid Pannier Roll Up Pair which are perfect on the bike but also fold up neatly when not in use, so easy to stash away at the office. Or if you prefer an on the body style then our Grid Messenger Bag is a stylish option, which sits securely and comfortably on your back while pedalling! Plus you could add the Pocket Wallet which is a great way to keep your essentials safe in one place as you ride. It's tested to be waterproof, easy to use and allows you to keep your smartphone easily accessible. 


Safety is another hugely important consideration when riding to work and this is more than just wearing protective clothing. we're big advocates of reflectivity which is why all our garments have some form of reflective element and our urban collection has a specific focus on ensuring you stand out on the road or cycle path. A highly reflective jacket like our Nightvision Tornado Jacket is a great way to stand out on the bike no matter what time of year it is. 

For absolute safety on the bike we'd recommend that you have: 

Reflective Clothing 
Front & Rear Lights
Bike Lock


A bicycle will work better and last longer if you care for it properly, so we encourage you to get in the habit of checking your bike regularly. Some simple checks and maintenance can help you enjoy issue-free riding and keep you safer on the road. 

Key Bike Checks: 

Contact Points - Ensure saddle, handlebars & pedals are all secure. 

Wheels & Tyres - Wheels fitted securely to the bike, tyres not excessively worn and inflated within manufacturers recommendations. 

Brakes - Front and rear brakes working and pads not worn. 

Plus we can't emphasise the value of local bike shops enough, whether undertaking repairs or maintenance jobs you may not be confident in tackling, supplying spare parts & accessories or giving your bicycle a full annual service, their knowledge and expertise can be relied on to keep you moving.