Top Performance for ONE Pro cycling at Herald Sun tour

After four days of top performances from the team, Richard Handley, Kristian House, Joshua Hunt, Dion Smith, James Oram and Steele Von Hoff lined up on the start line one last time for Stage 4, also known as the queen stage due to the difficult nature of the course.

Following a course review the decision was made to ride for Dion Smith the highest ranking team member on the General Classification with the aim of securing his overall position.

An excellent performance and a great start to the season. They boys are already looking forward to the next race on the calendar.

Stage 4 Result

  1. Chris Froome (SKY) 2h58.44
  2. Damien Howson (OGE) +17
  3. Jonathan Clake (UHC) +21
  4. Chris Hamilton (AUS) +29
  5. Robbie Hucker (AIW) +29
  6. Jack Haig (OGE) +29
  7. Peter Kennaugh (SKY) +32
  8. Jack Bobridge (TFS) +36
  9. Anthony Giacomo (AIW) +41
  10. Dion Smith (ONE) +43

General Classification – Final Result

  1. Chris Froome (SKY) 12h53.00
  2. Peter Kennaugh (SKY) +29
  3. Damien Howson (OGE) +1.01
  4. Jack Bobridge (TFS) + 1.04
  5. Jack Haig (OGE) +1.14
  6. Jonathan Clake (UHC) +1.15
  7. Robbie Hucker (AIW) +1.20
  8. Chris Hamilton (AUS) +1.23
  9. Anthony Giacomo (AIW) +1.32
  10. Dion Smith (ONE) +1.32