Kids Accessories

If your little ones are ready to embark on their cycling adventure, it's important to equip them with the right gear. At Altura, we offer a wide range of kids' cycling accessories designed to enhance comfort, safety, and style. From gloves to mitts, we have everything your child needs to enjoy their time on two wheels. Explore our collection and get ready for an exciting ride!

Safety First: Gloves and Mitts for Protection When it comes to cycling, safety should be the top priority. Our kids' cycling gloves and mitts provide the necessary protection for your child's hands. Whether they are exploring rugged terrains or cruising along the streets, these accessories will keep their hands safe from scratches and blisters. Additionally, the gloves offer excellent grip, ensuring full control of the handlebars. With Altura's gloves and mitts, your little cyclist will feel confident and secure.

Comfortable Clothing for Every Ride Comfort is key when it comes to extended cycling adventures. Our kids' clothing range includes a variety of options to suit different preferences and weather conditions. From base layers to bib shorts, jackets to jerseys, our collection offers comfortable and breathable clothing that allows freedom of movement. With Altura's clothing, your child can focus on the ride without any distractions.

Accessories that Make a Difference In addition to gloves and clothing, we offer a range of accessories that add functionality and style to your child's cycling experience. Our selection includes socks, headwear, overshoes, and warmers, allowing your child to customise their look while enjoying optimal comfort. These accessories are designed to enhance performance and protection, making your child's cycling adventure even more enjoyable.

Discover the Perfect Fit: Size Guide Choosing the right size for your child's cycling accessories is essential. At Altura, we understand that every child is unique, which is why we provide a comprehensive size guide to help you make the right choice. From gloves to clothing, our size guide ensures a perfect fit, guaranteeing maximum comfort and performance.

Quality You Can Trust Altura is committed to providing high-quality kids' cycling accessories that stand the test of time. Our products are designed with durability in mind, ensuring they will withstand the demands of active young cyclists. With Altura, you can have peace of mind knowing that your child is wearing reliable and long-lasting gear.

Get Ready for the Adventure! Equip your child for an unforgettable cycling adventure with Altura's range of kids' cycling accessories. From gloves to clothing, our products are designed to provide comfort and style. Browse our collection today and prepare your little cyclist for an exciting ride! Don't forget to check our comprehensive size guide for the perfect fit. Get ready to create lasting memories with Altura's kids' cycling accessories!