Saddle Bags & Seat Packs


Discover the perfect saddle bag for your biking adventures. Altura offers a diverse selection of high-quality and durable saddle bags to suit your needs. Shop now for the best saddle bags for every cyclist.

Saddlebags can be the perfect solution for cyclists who want to commute with ease or head out on longer journeys fully prepared.

At Altura, we understand that every cyclist's needs are different, which is why our selection of saddle bags is designed to cater to a variety of preferences and requirements.

Why Choose Altura Saddle bags?

Durability and Weather Resistance Our saddle bags are crafted to withstand the elements, with many options offering waterproof materials that keep your belongings dry in unpredictable British weather. Although products are waterproof, pockets and zips can never be 100% watertight due to construction requirements.

Convenient and Secure Attachment Ease of use is essential, and our saddle bags are equipped with secure, yet readily detachable fixing systems that make attaching and removing the bags a breeze.

Versatile Storage Solutions From compact designs for minimalists who carry only the essentials to larger options for those who need extra space, our range has it all. Rest assured with Altura you will find a saddlebag that fits your bike frame snugly and your storage needs perfectly.

Streamlined for Performance Worry not about drag; our saddle bags are aerodynamically shaped to minimise wind resistance, allowing you to maintain speed without extra effort.

A Range for All - Men, Women, and Juniors

Whether you're a daily commuter, a weekend warrior, a road cyclist, a mountain biker, or you’re gearing up the younger riders in your family, we have saddlebags that suit every member of the cycling community. Our range covers various colours, sizes, and styles because we believe your gear should be as individual as your ride.