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NAME: Leonard Lee

DISCIPLINE: Urban & Adventure

EXPERIENCE: 21 years

I began cycling at the age of five when a friend of my sister taught me to ride in the back garden. I went on to use a bike as my main form of transport to school and at weekends to visit friends, but the real epiphany came in September 1982 when my dad bought me my first road bike; a Raleigh Winner from the local hypermarket.

I realised that not only was cycling a way of getting around, it was also a great deal of fun. In the early 2000s I was a keen member of my local cycling club and took part in time trials and road races on the famous Goodwood motor track. Inevitably, as time passed, cycling became a way of getting exercise and maintaining a reasonable level of fitness.

In 2006 I started my own Youtube channel with the help of a friend who owned a local bike shop and cycle travel company, initially as a means of promoting the business, but in doing so it became one of the first, if not THE first channel on the platform to feature cycle maintenance ‘how to’ videos. To date, the most popular of these initial films; how to adjust your rear derailleur, has received over 1.5 million views alone.

Now in my mid 50’s I strongly believe that cycling should be for everyone; be it for transport, fitness or even just for fun. I also realise that many people would like to get on a bike but have doubts and fears about being able to but with a little bit of encouragement and practical advice, these fears and barriers can be removed.

I am particularly excited to be a brand Ambassador for Altura as they share this core belief. Cycling is no longer the exclusive domain of the slim ‘racing snake’; people of all shapes, sizes and ages are looking to either continue, return to or begin cycling and having good quality clothing that is comfortable, fit for purpose and looks great is one of the foundations of getting the most enjoyment and benefit from being on a bike.

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